The MSPA Annual General Meeting – Sat. Nov. 18 at 10am

Manitoba skydivers! This is your chance to make your voice heard about how YOUR MSPA operates going forward.

The 2017 MSPA Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday morning, Nov. 18th, beginning at 10am, at the Sport Manitoba Building, 145 Pacific Ave., Winnipeg.

These things typically don’t last much longer than a couple of hours, so we *should* be finished by lunch. That said, we’ll take as long as necessary to make sure you get a chance to raise any concerns or questions you may have, and to entertain your ideas regarding the activities of your MSPA for the upcoming year.

There will also be a medal presentation to the winners of the 2017 Provincials, and a couple of door prizes for those in attendance. Also, donuts.

We will have three (3) Board positions for you to elect: President and two (2) chairs. Please consider serving on your Board. The workload is light; there are only 10 meetings a year, held on the second Tuesday of each month, and there are laughs (and Timbits) to be had. Many of you have served before, and each of the current members has also served at least once prior to their current tenures. Both fresh ideas from first-time Board members and experience from previous Board members are valued.No experience is necessary – only a willingness to contribute to the sport of skydiving in Manitoba.

Please take a couple of hours out of your Saturday to join us and make your voice heard. If you can’t make it in person, you can convey your proxy upon someone who will be attending.


If you wish to send a written proxy (instead of using MSPA’s form) that proxy must include the following:

  • AGM Date
  • Your name *and* signature
  • The name of person holding the proxy

A voting member is only allowed one vote and cannot hold more than two (2) proxy votes for a maximum of three (3) votes.

Proxies will be called for at the beginning of the AGM.

For a member to be eligible to vote, or be nominated for a directorship, they must have been a regular member in good standing fro at least two (2) months preceding an AGM per. the MSPA by-laws.

Your MSPA Board of Directors looks forward to a large turnout on Saturday, Nov. 18th at 10am.