MSPA Safety Day 2017 is THIS Saturday!

LOCATION: Glenwood Community Centre, 27 Overton St., Winnipeg

TIME: Doors: 9am (with seminars getting underway at 9:30am).

Skydivers! Time again to be reminded of how much you don’t know (yet), and how much you’ve forgotten while you spent the winter Netflix and chilling. Once again, a fine and experienced selection of instructors and coaches will guide you through the various areas of your preparation and execution so you can make the most of the upcoming season, and do it safely!
Doors will be open at 9am, with seminar sections beginning at 9:30.
NOTE: You must be a current MSPA Member to enjoy the benefits of this MSPA-sponsored event. Yearly membership fee is $25, with payment accepted at the event if you are not yet paid up for the upcoming season.

Hope to see you there!!

Your MSPA Board of Directors.