To improve sport parachuting through safety, education, participation, and promotion.

To support the pursuit of excellence in skydiving by providing a safe environment in which to educate participants and the general public. To promote the sport of parachuting through organized programs that implement the vision and values of the Association.


  • We believe safety is imperative in all aspects of parachuting.
  • We believe in a structured environment for safe participation of athletes at all levels.
  • We support and participate in regional and national association’s activities, while upholding the Coach’s Code of Conduct (CCoC), as set out by the NCCP and NSGB.
  • Through education, we strive to remove the misconceptions about our sport that prevent interested people from participating in skydiving. (e.g. Physical handicaps).
  • We believe it is important to provide leadership and direction for all participants, athletes, coaches, and officials.
  • We support the pursuit of excellence for all participants.

Key Strategies:

  • Continue to support the development of instructors who provide the basic instruction (with a focus on safety) for student skydivers.
  • Promote novice athlete’s skill development by making coaches and programs more visible and available.
  • Foster athlete and officials development through recognition programs and competition.
  • Improve participation and public image of sport parachuting by presenting the sport in public venues.
  • Expand current levels of support to programs for skill development and athlete assistance while striving to broaden our base and branch out into different skydiving disciplines.