2016 Provincials Results

Manitoba Sport Parachute Association

2016 Provincials Results

Congratulations to all participant

First place team (Two & a half men)

Second place team (B-A-D) And (Looks Good)

Fourth place team (Flywoody)

Team Accuracy 

First place (Flywoody)

Second place (Looks Good)

Third place (Two & a Half Men)

Individual Sport Accuracy

First place (Brian Forbes)

Second place (Francois Roch)

Third Place (Mike Plueschow)

Once again congratulations to all the participants and thanks to all the volunteers for your help with another great provincials competition.

MSPA Board Meeting

MSPA Board Meeting

Tuesday,September 13,2016

Sport Manitoba

145 Pacific Ave.


MSPA Provincials

MSPA Provincials 2016
September 3rd – 5th,  2016
Briefing to be held at 8:30am
3-Way FS — B Cop or higher is required.Jumps will be from 10,000 ft AGL
Will consist of minimum 3 rounds.
We will be running 3-way FS in a scramble format this year!! Put your name in the hat and teams will be drawn. We will create a minimum of 3 groups of skydivers based on jump numbers and experience then draw one person from each group to create each team. We hope that will create equal teams to ensure maximum competition value and make those scores close!!
Team Accuracy
After a competition round jump,the accuracy for each team member on landing will  be measured.Teams are responsible for their own spot and may not rely on the camera persons help for the spot.
Individual Accuracy
Solo certificate or Higher
Jumps will be from 3000′ AGL
Will consist of minimum 3 rounds.Jumps will be hop and pop format with individual passes per jumper. Each jumper is responsible for their own spot. Accuracy will be measured in the bowl.
Speed Skydiving
Solo Cop or higher. Jumps will be from 10,000′ AGL.Jumper must be belly to earth by 5000′ AGL.
Speed Skydiving is a skydiving discipline with a definition as simple as it gets. Speed Skydiving was developed from 1999 on and represents the fastest non motorized sport on earth.In the essence,speed skydiving is the discipline where the only one aspect of skydiving counts – Vertical Freefall Speed.
Solo Cop or Higher.Jumps will be from 10,000′ AGL
One of the International cross series will be assigned to the jumper 20 minutes before the load.Scores are based on times and turn infractions.
Sign up with Kaneena, Heather, April, Loni, Brian A and Chris K.
August 28th is the deadline for the 3way FS entries.
Registration fee is $50.00 per person for the FS and Style events.
Registration fee is $20.00 per person for speed and/or individual accuracy.
(If you are already entered in FS or Style the fee is waived)

MSPA Skills Camp

Hello Membership!

Due to unforeseeable events, the coach from Arizona Airspeed is unable to attend our Skills Camp Weekend, but luckily our Events Director, Heather Porteous was able to book Renee Point from Team Fuzion.
For those who don’t know Renee, she is a member of the 4-way FS Female National Team who placed 1st in the 2013 and 2015 4-way FS Female Nationals, and 2nd in the 2013 and 2015 4-way FS Open Nationals.
She will be arriving Friday and leaving midday Monday. Her availability does change the format of the Skills Weekend, as there will not be a canopy course section. The Board apologizes for any inconvenience that may arise, as we were looking forward to offering the course.
Renee is able to offer ground coaching for  the beginner freeflier to those who are interested.
Details are now as follows:
  • August 5 – 7 (start time on Friday, TBA; start time on Saturday and Sunday is 8:30 a.m.)
  • Coached by Renee Point from Team Fusion
  • Registration fee is $75
  • Skydive Manitoba, Gimli
  • The camp is aimed at Solo CoP’s and higher, with Solo’s and “A”‘s working with local coaches, and “B”‘s and higher working with Renee

All participants must be MSPA and CSPA members to take advantage of the $75 registration fee. Participants who are not CSPA affiliated, will have a different registration fee which will include all costs divided by the number of participants. Any questions related to the registration fee for non-CSPA affiliated members, please email me, Kaneena Vanstone at [email protected].

The Board looks forward to this amazing opportunity!!
Blue Skies,

Jumpmaster Course

Jumpmaster Course

June,10th to June,12th,2016

  • Conducted by Aidan Walters.
  • See www.cspa.ca for requirements for MSPA members.
  • Registration:$175 with a $100 Reimbursement once certified.
  • 9:00 am Friday @ Skydive Manitoba,Gimli MB.